How to Choose the Right Pillow

Many people with sleeping issues will first focus on their mattress. Sometimes mattresses get the attention of many people for no good reason. It is a significant investment in sleeping equipment; however, when it comes to sleep quality, the pillow is also equally important as the mattress. A pillow helps to improve the quality of a good night sleep especially by supporting a healthy sleeping posture. Pillows come at different sizes, types, and vary in firmness as they are not created equally. The right pillow should keep your spine, neck, head, and shoulders adequately aligned while sleeping. These are just a few concerns that you should know before picking the right pillow. The following tips will assist you in choosing the right pillow for a good night sleep.


sleepWhat is your Preferred Sleeping Style?

Before choosing the right pillow, first, know what your favorite sleeping position is. Do you sleep on your back, on your side, or on your stomach? There are also other people who are mixed sleepers. It means they spend their night sleeping in all the positions. The following guide will help you choose the right pillow based on your sleeping position.


Tummy Sleeper

Here you need a relatively flat and soft pillow. A soft pillow will allow the neck to be appropriately aligned with your spine.


Side Sleepers

Here you require a firm and thick pillow that will help to support the neck.


Back Sleeper

Select a medium thick pillow. A thicker pillow will place your head in an uncomfortable position as it will be too far forward. On the other hand, a too soft pillow will make your head sink down to the mattress.


Do Allergens make you Suffer from Allergies?

There are different materials used to fill up the pillows. Some materials include feather and foam fillings. If you suffer from allergies, then stick to the pillows containing hypo-allergenic synthetic fillings. The feather or down pillows are perfect if you do not suffer from allergies especially if you are not allergic to feathers. It’s because their filings are usually processed to eliminate any allergy-causing particle. They also have an excellent casing to prevent anything from getting in. Pillows containing synthetic fillings are also unique to people who have asthma.


The Size of the Pillow

The size of the pillow you will pick will depend on the size of your bed, how you will use the pillows, and how many pillows you need. The size of the pillow will roughly correspond to the size of your mattress as you do not have to play by the rules which are big-sized mattresses require big-sized pillows. If you feel on oversize makes you feel cozy even on a smaller bed, go for it.


comfortTake Special Needs into Considerations

There are special needs or rather problems people face when sleeping. Some include snoring, insomnia, back pain, neck pain, sleep apnea, and pregnancy. These special needs play a crucial role when picking the right pillow. For instance, if you snore, go for a pillow that will place your neck and head in a position that will prevent blockage of the airway. For the back pain, pick a pillow designed to align your spine in a perfect position.